Common Diabetes Mellitus Complications

Diabetes and Eye Problems

Diabetes that is not controlled can cause harm to the eyes and lead to blindness. It is the increased blood glucose levels that increase the likelihood of developing eye issues. Diabetes is the main cause of blindness in people between the ages of 20 and 74. The high blood sugar levels in diabetes makes the lenses of the eyes expand and alter your vision.

To fix this kind of eye condition To correct this eye problem, you must lower the blood sugar back to the desired range (90-130 milligrams per milliliter or mg/dL prior to meals or meals, as well as under 180 mg/dL within one to two hours after having a meal). It can take up to three months after blood sugar is controlled in order for vision levels to return to normal.

Blurred vision may be a sign of a more serious eye issue caused by diabetes. There are three main eye issues that patients with diabetes could develop and must be aware of: cataracts, glaucoma and retinal retinopathy.

Diabetes and Heart Disease

Diabetes is among the biggest risk factors the development of heart diseases. Heart disease is common among people who have diabetes. According to statistics of the American Heart Association estimate that stroke and heart disease are the cause of two-thirds to three-quarters of deaths in people with diabetes.

Although everyone who suffer from diabetes are at risk of having a higher risk of developing heart disease but the condition is more common among those who suffer from the type two diabetes. Numerous health issues known as risk factors, are characterized by type 2 diabetes among the risk factors that increase the likelihood for developing heart diseases. In addition to diabetes, risk factors for heart disease are smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels , and an early family history of heart disease.

The risk of dying from heart disease is drastically more likely in people who suffers from diabetes. Thus, those with one major health risk factor for instance, hypertension, could be at a higher risk of suffering from heart disease. People with diabetes appear to be at risk of having a double or more than quadruple the chance of dying. The three most significant issues related to the heart are heart attacks, congestive heart failure , and peripheral cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Diabetes is the main reason for kidney failure. Diabetic nephropathy — a kidney condition that is caused by diabetes is the top leading cause of kidney failure. About a third of those who suffer from diabetes develop diabetic Nephropathy.

Patients with kidney disease and diabetes perform worse than those with kidney disease alone. This is due to the fact that people who suffer from diabetes are more likely to have various other chronic medical conditions including elevated blood pressure cholesterol levels and blood vessel diseases (atherosclerosis). The people with diabetes also tend to suffer from kidney-related ailments like bladder infections and damaged bladder nerves.

The kidney disease that is prevalent in Type 1 Diabetes is different from type 2 diabetes. In type 1, the disease is slightly different.

kidney disease starts in a hurry and can manifest itself in the early or very young age. The presence of overt disease it is evident after 15 years of suffering from Type 1 Diabetes.