To avoid Diabetes and adding 6 Years to Your Life!

Being aware of diabetes has inspired me to write this personal tale. My mom was an insulin dependent throughout her entire life , beginning in the 1950’s and ending with her passing around two decades ago. Because her insulin dosage was multiple times a day, I’m certain that she was thinking about diabetes throughout the day. In the end, I realized that whether there was “good news” about my mother’s diabetes it was that I realized that diabetes should be avoided and feared at every opportunity.

The illness of my mother prompted me to work out regularly and to eat a balanced and balanced diet. In addition, it caused me to observe my daughter’s behavior as an “good Dad”. In the end, my worries about the future of your children prompted me to create this essay. Let me give you the facts…

The condition is currently affecting thousands of people living in the United States and costs about $174 billion per year in medical costs – far greater than the average for any health issue. More evidence is proving that overweight and diabetes of type 2 are closely related, and increasing levels of obesity are fueling the rising disease of type 2 diabetes.

“Weight loss, even a modest amount; has been found to help people with diabetes achieve and sustain blood glucose control and live healthier, longer and more active lives.” Unfortunately, the percentage of adults considered obese increased between 1980 and 2000 up to 31% of people. It is estimated that “among U.S. adults aged between 18 and 79, the prevalence of being diagnosed with diabetes increased by 41% between 1997 and 2003. “Obesity is a significant reason for this recent rise of diabetes that is newly diagnosed” according to Medical News Today.

However, diabetes can also be known to increase the risk of various illnesses. “Type 2 diabetes patients receiving intensive treatment to lower their blood glucose levels were actually found to have a 20 percent reduced risk of kidney disease” according to The San Diego Union-Tribune

The nation’s top 10 most costly medical conditions will cost more than $500 billion in the next year. A lot of these ailments include cancer, heart disease, and diabetics, are chronic diseases , and tend to be easily prevented. Let’s today focus on diabetes since it has been established that the majority of cases (90plus %)) of diabetes can be avoided. If you’re still not sure that you have diabetes, it is important to know the definition of diabetes.